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The Corona self-test or Corona rapid test is a so-called "point-of-care" (POC) antigen test. The test can be performed directly on site and provides a result after approximately 15 to 30 minutes. Self-tests help detect otherwise undetected infections. They are not for "free testing," e.g., to avoid or shorten a quarantine. Testing oneself is voluntary.

The University of Rostock only offers self-tests, which the person performs him/herself without further assistance. Even if you perform a self-test, the general hygiene measures must be observed. A negative self-test does not mean that you are not infected.

Passing on the self-tests provided by UR to third parties is prohibited. Please return any tests that are not needed. The test kits are in very short supply and are urgently needed elsewhere.

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General notes on implementation

The performance of the tests is voluntary. Please observe the manufacturer's information on performing the self-test and disposing of the test kit.

It must be ensured that the entire test kit is CE-labeled on the outer packaging. This requirement is not met if only individual components of the test kit bear this label. Note: The test kits still available in the UR do not bear this label, as they were still subject to the ongoing conformity assessment procedure at the time they were placed on the market. In the meantime, the procedure has been completed, so that these kits are now listed as CE compliant. Newly ordered test kits bear the label on the packaging and the instructions for use.

What does a positive test result mean and what should be done?

A positive result with an appropriate self-test initially represents a suspicion of Covid-19 infection. However, this positive result is not a confirmation of infection.

What to do?

  • Arrange for a PCR test via your family doctor immediately. This PCR test is mandatory by law.
  • Go into domestic seclusion/isolation and consistently reduce your contacts until the result of the PCR test is known.
  • Inform your immediate supervisor of the necessary absence. To the extent possible, perform work from home in accordance with work location regulations.
  • Remain in home seclusion until a negative PCR test result is available.
  • In the event of a positive PCR test result, please follow standard procedures for dealing with Covid-19 infections and report this online to Crisis Management.
What does a negative test result mean and what to do?

A negative test result does not rule out Covid-19 infection. This snapshot means that the person tested is less likely to infect others around him or her at the time the test is performed.

  • The significance ("validity") is limited in time.
  • This reduces the risk of infecting others without symptoms that indicate an illness with the coronavirus.
  • If the viral load in the nasopharynx increases, a positive test result can be obtained as early as the following day.

What to do?

  • Continue to follow the AHA+L rules even if the test result is negative.
  • If, despite the negative test result, you have symptoms that indicate an illness with the coronavirus, contact your family doctor for further action and clarification.
What does an invalid test result mean and what to do?
  • Repeat the test. It is important to perform the test procedure according to the instructions.
  • Contact your family doctor or a testing center if the result of the repeated test is also invalid.
Use a privately purchased certified test kit for guided self-testing

Beginning 06.12.2021 through 31.01.2022, UR employees may use privately purchased test kits for supervised self-testing prior to beginning work.

For this it is necessary:

Issue a certificate for a self-test performed at the UR

Professional supervisors with personnel responsibility may confirm to persons employed at the UR the result of an accompanied self-test conducted at the UR.

For this confirmation, it is a prerequisite that the confirming person was present during the self-test. For the confirmation, please use the form provided. Enter the type of self-test according to the package insert.