Regulations concerning residence in buildings


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The presence of employees in the buildings of the UR is necessary for the maintenance of university operations. At the same time, it must continue to be the primary objective to prevent chains of infection from person to person and to protect persons from risk groups.

Please coordinate with your supervisor and colleagues to use the offices, laboratories and workshops as prescribed. Please pay particular attention to the regulations on staying in buildings and the urgent recommendation to wear protective masks.

Mandatory deviations from these regulations must be requested by your supervisor by e-mail to krisenmanagementuni-rostockde.


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Entry to buildings

The buildings of the UR are only open to employees of the UR with access authorisation. The access authorization is regulated individually for each building by the head of the institution.

Status: 24.04.2020

Staying in buildings

Encounters in the buildings, for example in the corridor, in tea kitchens and staircases, cannot be completely ruled out.

The following regulations must be observed:

  •     The presence in the buildings of the UR is necessary to maintain the university operation continuously.
  •     Work in laboratories and workshops is only permitted if direct contact is prevented and work safety is maintained.
  •     If possible, wear a protective mask in the public areas of the buildings.

Please note, that information concerning the use of the offices of the UR with more than one person at a time will follow.

Status: 13.05.2020

Protective masks

Wearing a simple protective mask in the public areas of UR's buildings (corridors, entrance areas, tea kitchens etc.) is sufficient to protect other people from infection.

The UR does not provide protective masks. In case of business needs, protective masks can be purchased from the Uni-Shop and financed from the department's funds. Central funds are not available.

Status: 24.04.2020


All the buildings of the UR with the exception of the buildings of the UB (resumption of lending for university members) are closed to students and visitors.  

Status: 12.05.2020