Regulations for lectures incl. excursions in the winter semester 2021/22


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In order to provide university members in times of Corona the carrying out of lectures in presence or virtually, in this section the guidelines, regulations and advices are available.

The following are included: lectures, tutorials, seminars, practicals, laboratory courses and excursions.

Status: 08.10.2021

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Guidelines for the performance of courses in attendance

In order to make it easier for university employees to teach courses in attendance during times of Corona, a guideline for taking courses is available. This takes into account the applicable regulations of the country as well as the general hygiene and distance regulations.

Handlungsrahmen für die Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen in Präsenz an der Universität Rostock (außer UMR)

Guidelines for contact management during the winter semester 2021/22

In the winter semester 2021/22, two systems are used for contact management.

The electronic recording process is realized via the LucaAPP. For the group of persons who cannot or do not want to realize the electronic recording, the recording in paper form is available.

  1. Handlungsrahmen zur Kontaktnachverfolgung im Wintersemester 2021/22
  2. Muster-Formular Kontaktdaten (Papierform)


Advice on self-tests for university students

A prerequisite for participation in face-to-face courses is that non-immunized students test themselves regularly, at least twice a week, for COVID-19 and provide proof that the test is negative. This proof can be provided, for example, by an affidavit (see Appendix 1).  

Students who are already immunized (vaccinated/genetically screened) are exempt from the testing requirement.

Arrangements have been made below to provide free self-tests until initially 11/15-21. The exact details for the distribution of the self-tests are still being coordinated and will be announced in a timely manner via the faculties or the relevant examination office/study office.

Persons who show typical symptoms of a disease with COVID-19 according to the current criteria of the Robert Koch Institute may only participate in attendance events including examinations if they can present a negative PCR test or POC test (rapid test) that is not older than 48 hours.

(Regulations according to the University Corona Regulation M-V).

  1. Distribution of self-tests for the presence teaching
  2. Declaration of Oath that an antigen self-test for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus with a negative test result was carried out in accordance to the University of Rostock
  3. Declaration for issuing free antigen self tests





Guideline for the realization of lectures, which require separate laboratory and special rooms
Guideline for the realization of lectures, which require separate laboratory and special rooms

This guideline covers courses which cannot be replaced by digital versions and which can be postponed to a period in which it is possible to resume full attendance. Examples of this are mainly final theses in the experimental MINT subjects, such as BSc and Master theses in the natural and engineering sciences. Internships with a larger number of participants should be postponed to a later date, possibly with a reduction in the scope, if the contact restrictions are relaxed.

Richtlinie zur Durchführung von Lehrveranstaltungen, welche gesonderte Labor- oder Spezialräume erfordern

Guideline extension - operating in small groups in laboratories and special rooms

In order to make it easier for university members to work in small groups in laboratories and special rooms in times of Corona without having to observe the minimum distance, the Rectorate has decided to extend the current "Guideline for the Conduct of Courses Requiring Separate Laboratory or Special Rooms".

Erweiterung der Laborrichtlinie - Regelung zum Arbeiten in Kleingruppen in Laboren oder Spezialräumen


Advice for the realization of day excursions

The following is a advice regarding the execution of day excursions within the restricted operation of the University of Rostock (except UMR).

Hinweis zur Durchführung von Tagesexkursionen