Living and working in Germany - Intercultural training for international PhD students and researchers

Course description: 

To successfully tackle the challenges of multicultural academic and professional life, PhD students and researchers have to be able to manage intercultural situations and emerging conflicts effectively. Developing the capacity to mediate differing cultural perspectives is a key determinant of intercultural competence.

Designed as an interactive workshop, the training will provide international PhD students and researchers of the University of Rostock with essential cross-cultural skills for building relationships and working effectively in a multicultural environment. Using hands-on exercises and simulation role-plays, participants will gain an understanding of values and attitudes in German academic life, identify and analyse their personal approaches to different intercultural challenges and increase their intercultural awareness and competence. The participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their own culture, discuss personal experiences, ask questions and exchange their views with the other participants.


  • Culture and cultural differences with a focus on academic life
  • Developing intercultural awareness and intercultural competence
  • Adapting to a new culture
  • Stereotypes and prejudice
  • Values and attitudes in German academic life
  • Communication styles and language issues
  • Cross-cultural management skills
  • Good practice for cross-cultural situations at university

Target group: PhD students and researchers                                                                                                     

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Location: Parkstraße 6, 18057, Rostock, Global Café (Room 220)                                                                                                               

Organisation: Stabsstelle Vielfalt

Lecturer: Katja Striegler, IQ Netzwerk Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Registration : for the training until January 20th 2020 via Dr. Uta Buttkewitz (, Coordination Office for Diversity

Participation fee: free of charge