Introduction to LaTeX II

Course Description: The course “Introduction to LaTeX" offers an introduction to the text typesetting system LaTeX. LaTeX documents always consist of a set of different files. First, an input document is written in pure text with certain LaTeX commands in a text editor and then generated as a PDF document. The structure of such an input document is the focus of this course. In the course of this workshop, a personal template should be created which can be used for longer reports or essays, your own dissertation as well as scientific articles.


  •  Generation of mathematical, scientific formulas like
    •  mathematical symbols, sums, integrals, brackets and arrows
    •  different mathematical environments ($-environment, equation, array, eqnarray, align, ...)
  •  Integration of source code like C++, Java, Pascal, R, …
  •  Literature management using BibTeX
  •  Structure of a LaTeX beamer file
    •  Creating Slides
    •  Structuring, columns, blocks, overlays
    •  Integration of graphics and tables
    •  Themes (Inner, Outer, Color, Font, ...)
  •  Structure of a LaTeX poster
    •  Embedding graphics and headings
  •  Corporate design of the university

Target Audience: Graduates of the LaTeX beginners´ course

Date: Please inform yourself about current dates in the service portal under UR internal dates.

Location: Albert-Einstein Straße, ITMZ, PC Pool, Room 201

Lecturer: Tanja Auge

Registration:Online Anmeldung

Participation Fee: free of charge

Note: Please bring your own notebook!