Online-Seminar: Academic Writing

Course Description: The reforms which have been implemented since the Bologna Process have led to a number of significant changes: an increasing number of courses at universities are being held in English, and postgraduate and doctorate students are frequently choosing to write their theses or dissertations in English to reach a wider audience. In this seminar, participants will become familiar with various aspects of clarity which are essential for producing logical, reader-friendly prose. As well as examining the various stages in the writing process, we will focus on the structure of abstracts and, using examples of “best practice” articles, and closely look at how a professional doctoral thesis should be written. In doing so, participants will enrich their academic lexical repertoire and be able to identify common errors which frequently arise in academic texts.

Participants may send an abstract of approx. 200 words (if available) to the course coordinator one week before the start of the seminar. It will be corrected and returned during/after the seminar. The workshop will be held online and will be conducted entirely in English.


  • planning and organising a research paper
  • writing effective introductions and conclusions
  • developing ideas and coherent arguments
  • paragraph structure
  • punctuation
  • academic vocabulary and register
  • summarising and paraphrasing (the abstract)

Target Audience: Doctoral candidates

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Lecturer: Lorraine Mannion , Berlin

Registration: Online Registration

Note: The workshop is held online. The GA accepts no liability under data protection law or otherwise. More information will be provided after registration.

Participation Fee: Free of charge