Regulations concerning the reimbursement of home office costs


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The UR is not able to cover costs for the installation or equipment of workstations in the home office. In this context, payments made privately will not be reimbursed. The only exception are zoom licenses, which had to be procured privately until the campus license became available.

In general: There is no entitlement to a home office. One of the requirements for home office is that working in a private environment is possible at all. If this is not the case, for example due to lack of equipment, it is not possible to work in a home office. The applicable regulations are explained in more detail under CORONA Special Information > Staff > Regulations concerning the place of work.

According to the advice of the State Court of Audit M-V, the reimbursement of privately disbursed funds is to be limited to a minimum and to unavoidable cases. If you need consumables for official use, please use the known procurement processes.

Status: 29.06.2020

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