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All employees of UR are obligated without restriction to provide the contractually agreed work performance. This applies regardless of whether an employee is working from home or at the workplace. In accordance with the requirements of the state of M-V, this applies equally to employees from risk groups and to parents of dependent children.

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Place of work University

In compliance with the current regulation on the use of office space only as individual offices, non-scientific employees may generally work at the workplace in the UR.

In addition, scientific employees who, due to the nature of their work tasks, can only perform their work at their workstation in the UR are also to work at their workstation. This is particularly the case if working in a home office is not possible

  • due to the nature of the work, for example activities in laboratories and workshops;
  • due to a lack of equipment, for example if no PC or only an outdated PC is available in the home office;
  • due to a lack of knowledge, for example if the PC in the home office cannot be used in the way that would be required to complete the work tasks;
  • due to a lack of cooperation on the part of the employees.

Status: 07.01.2021

Work place mobil

Due to the decree situation, mobile working at home is to be made possible wherever this is feasible. The availability must be ensured.

If it is not possible to work from home, there is still an obligation to work on the premises of the university. Whether the work can be relocated to home is to be coordinated with the subject supervisor. If it is not possible to reach a mutual agreement between the supervisor and the employee, the employee is obliged to work on site.

The supervisor and the employee agree on whether an activity is suitable for a home office. There is no entitlement to a home office. Costs for working materials or equipment for the home office will not be assumed by UR.

Status: 19.01.2021

Place of work for employees from risk groups

The concern about becoming infected with Covid-19 at the workplace is quite understandable. However, it does not entitle employees to stay away from the workplace at the UR and refuse to perform their contractually agreed work.

As for all other employees, employees who belong to a risk group for contracting COVID-19 are not entitled to a home office. However, employees in at-risk groups shall be allowed to work in a home office under the following conditions:

  • The employee belongs to a risk group as assessed by the Robert Koch Institute. At the request of the supervisor, the employee must submit a corresponding medical certificate.
  • The work to be performed by the employee can be done in the home office due to the nature of the activity.

The supervisor decides whether an activity is suitable for the home office.

Status: 12.12.2020