Regulations concerning cold symptoms


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In times of pandemic due to SARS-CoV 2, it is important to provide confidence on how UR members should handle the first signs of a cold.

During the cold and wet season, we can get a cold easily. The cold season has a new emphasis this particular year due to SARS-CoV2. It is important to know that a cold or a cough does not necessarily indicate covid 19 disease, and at the same time, a uniform rule for dealing with cold symptoms is essential. We all wonder from time to time whether we or our colleagues should or even must stay home with the first signs of a cold.

Status:  16.11.2021

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It is not possible to make any generally valid statements about a "typical" course of the disease. The most frequently recorded symptoms include cough, fever, rhinitis, as well as loss of smell and taste (as of 27.08.2020, source RKI). It is therefore important to seek medical advice if symptoms are unclear or if you are uncertain. You can find more detailed information on the disease on the websites of Robert-Koch-Instituts

Guidance for dealing with cold symptoms (acute respiratory symptoms) Handlungsempfehlung

To provide the members of the university with confidence in handling these symptoms, we kindly ask you to observe the following guidelines:

You are personally affected:

If you are suffering from illness and are no longer able to work,

please do not appear on duty. Contact your doctor immediately to clarify the illness. The regulations regarding sick leave and days of leave continue to apply.

Please find an explanation in the Dienstleistungsportal > Informationen > Personalrechtliche Rundschreiben in the category family, vacation, health > illness and precaution.

If you are suspicious of the disease despite minor symptoms,

to be suffering from Covid-19, please do not appear for duty. Please contact your treating doctor and clarify the further procedure. Please discuss with your supervisor whether you can work from home. This requires that you feel able to work.

If you have symptoms compatible with Covid-19,

please do not appear for the service and clarify immediately by telephone the further procedure with your family doctor. This also applies if you feel fit for work but there is a reasonable suspicion of infection.

Please discuss with your supervisor whether you can perform your work from home. This presupposes that you feel able to work.


If you have a confirmed disease of Covid-19,

please do not appear on duty. Please contact the crisis management of UR immediately by e-mail to krisenmanagementuni-rostockde and your supervisor.

Please let us know: Your name, how we can reach you by phone, in which area you work, with which persons you had direct contact, in which building and rooms you stayed, whether you informed the public health department. We will get in touch with you to clarify everything else.

If you had contact with a person confirmed to have Covid-19,

inform yourself completely on the websites of the Website of the Hanseatic and University City and use the checklist for close contacts

Information to crisis management is not required.

A colleague is affected:

If you are a supervisor and have a reasonable assumption,

that a person in your area of responsibility is suffering of Covid-19, act immediately: send this person home immediately, avoiding direct contact.

Coordinate the further procedure with the human resources department as soon as possible. Please contact Mrs. Radtke (christine.radtkeuni-rostockde Tel.:1284). As an alternative, you can also contact your responsible personnel administrator.  After consulting the personnel service, ask the person to clarify the suspicion medically. 


When a recovered person returns to work,

then they need the support of their colleagues to return to work. 

At the University of Rostock employees return to work after surviving a Covid19 illness. In this context, it is important that all employees are informed that there is no risk of infection from those affected.

The time of recovery and subsequent return to work is decided by the attending physician or the responsible health office. The basis for release from isolation is the RKI's guidance. These strict regulations are essential for breaking chains of infection and preventing the spread of the virus.  

At the same time, it is important to deal with the fears of employees who have questions or concerns about their health at work. At this point, company physicians can be consulted for advice. It is also advisable to carry out a risk assessment at the workplace. If you have any questions, please contact the occupational safety department. 

The University of Rostock stands for diversity and for everyone working together. For this reason, it is especially important to be there for each other in times of the Corona pandemic and to give both the recovered and other colleagues the necessary security in dealing with each other. Do not tolerate discriminatory behavior by addressing it in your area and counteracting it at an early stage if you observe such behavior.