Regulations concerning the care of children and the care of relatives


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In this section you may find information and regulations that facilitate the care of children and relatives in times of the Corona pandemic.

Status: 16.11.2021

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Regulations concerning the care of children in the event of ordered child quarantine by the health authority

Employees who, due to a quarantine ordered by the public health department, cannot be present in the office to care for underage children, please agree on an individual arrangement with their supervisor. Preconditions for these regulations are that the employee himself/herself is not ill and that there are no alternatives for the care of the children.

These employees are to be offered teleworking or home office services if it is possible. This regulation was agreed during the AL1 conference dated 13.03.2020 and also applies to the university. It is also conceivable to shift working hours and to take up holiday or working time credits.

In case all the above-mentioned possibilities do not apply, the granting of unpaid special leave for care purposes is also possible. Applications for this must be submitted to the Human Resources Service Department and include concrete information on the care situation.

A claim for compensation according the Infection Protection Law is only possible if employees cannot perform their work due to government measures. Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements must be released from work without continued payment of remuneration and must therefore actually be affected by a loss of earnings. Individual clarification is provided by the personnel service.

Stand: 16.11.2021

Advice for caring relatives

In the case of care situations that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, e.g. as a result of closed day care facilities, there is the possibility of applying for unpaid leave of absence of 20 (instead of ten) working days in the event of a short-term inability to work in accordance with § 2 PflegeZG. For the period of the leave of absence, there is a claim to care support benefit in accordance with § 150 Para. 5d SGB XI, which you must apply for at the care insurance fund of the relative to be cared for.  

It is also possible to reduce the weekly working time of less than 15 hours within the framework of the family care period. You can find more information here.

The special regulations apply until 31.12.2020 and are only eligible if there is no possibility of working in the home. Positive working time balances (overtime, overtime and flexitime credits) as well as residual leave from the previous year must be reduced as a matter of priority. (cf. letter of the Ministry of the Interior dated 29 October 2020).

Please also find information on care in our administrative newsletters.

Stand: 16.11.2021