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The organisation of the service operation is particularly challenging for line managers in the current situation.

On the one hand, all employees are obliged to perform the contractually agreed work; on the other hand, in the restricted operation of the UR some competences are particularly relevant and other competences are not required or not required to the usual extent. Due to the nature of the work, some work services can be carried out without any problems in the home office; other work services are only possible at the workplace in the UR, with the corresponding consequences, for example, for employees from risk groups or with children requiring care.

We ask for your understanding for the current situation and your support in the sense of the UR in its entirety. If you have any questions in individual cases, please contact the known contact persons.


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Working time recording

According to the DV Gleitzeit, non-scientific employees must keep time sheets. This regulation was temporarily suspended on 13.03.2020 in connection with the closure of the UR.

As of May 1, 2020, the regulation on keeping time sheets according to DV Gleitzeit will be reinstated and will apply without restrictions.

It is not permitted to build up working time credits or working time deficits above the level stipulated in the DV Gleitzeit; corresponding hours may not be recognised by the line managers and must be deleted.

Status: 24.04.2020

Assignment of other work tasks

Specialist supervisors are entitled and obliged to assign employees tasks other than the usual work tasks. This is particularly necessary if the contractually agreed work performance cannot be performed or cannot be performed in full due to the current situation.

Status: 24.04.2020

Ways to avoid deficits in working time

If a (temporary) assignment of other work tasks is not possible, the line manager can

  •     instruct that working time credits are to be reduced,
  •     ask the employee to take the remaining leave from 2019,
  •     ask employees to bring forward their vacation for 2020 in order to ensure that university operations are as uninterrupted as possible following the pandemic-related postponement and to avoid a possible holiday ban

Status: 24.04.2020

Obligation to report working time deficits

If the above-mentioned possibilities are exhausted and the employee continues to have a working time deficit that exceeds the provisions of the DP flexitime, this must be reported by the line manager in the personnel department. The line manager is not permitted to partially or completely release employees from their duties.

Status: 24.04.2020