Publishing Journal Articles: Strategies for Success

Course Description:

It is essential for doctoral candidates and scientists to develop an impressive publication record. The publication of high quality journal articles is imperative in order to apply for jobs or for research grants, to communicate findings, and to define their reputation in the field. This “publish-or-perish” approach, however, may decrease the quality of the journal articles.
By providing adequate training, it is possible to maintain high quality of publications. Unfortunately, doctoral candidates and scientists often do not receive any formal training to publish journal articles. Instead they learn the craft of publishing “by doing” and by making mistakes.
Journal articles should be published in order to influence the field – not simply to increase the list of publications. In this workshop, Andrea Sanchini will discuss with participants on how to navigate the different steps of publishing and how to deal with the peer review process, increasing the chances of acceptance.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:
o Use strategies to enhance the strengths of their publications
o Evaluate the quality of a target journal
o Describe the process of the peer review system
o Write powerful cover letters and revision letters
o Recognize unethical behaviour and publishing misconduct

Teaching Methods
This workshop follows a balanced approach, including input presentations provided by the trainer, individual learning phases and group exercises. In addition, hand-outs, checklists, sample articles and examples of cover letters from the trainer's own experience in publishing articles will be provided.

Preparing for the Workshop
During the workshop, participants can draft a cover letter (half page to one page) for their next publication. Therefore, before the workshop participants are asked to prepare the (preliminary) title of their next publication.


  • Publishing for impact
  • How to select a target journal
  • H-index, impact factor and other journal and article metrics
  • The peer review system: submitting, revising, and re-submitting
  • How to effectively communicate with editors and reviewers
  • Publishing ethics for editors, reviewers and authors
  •  Authorship disputes
  •  Copyright and plagiarism issues
  •  Open access journals: the pros and cons

Target Audience: advanced doctoral candidates of Natural, Life and Social Sciences, early postdocs

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Location: SR Theologie, Schwaansche Str. 5

Lecturer: Andrea Sanchini, Berlin

Registration: Online Registration

Participation Fee: 75 € (Members of the Graduate Academy can use their virtual member budget to cover the course fees. The registration for the workshop is binding. Our conditions for participation apply.)