Notes on Online teaching

On this page you will find a selection of tools and programs that you can use to work on lecture and seminar materials or to prepare for repetition, practice and preparation of courses. This is intended to keep at least some of the teaching in the digital world going.


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Notes of the CDO on online teaching

In the current exceptional situation we have to switch completely to online learning in the home environment - even though many of us have never had the opportunity to establish or at least test digital learning scenarios. Despite, or perhaps because of the crisis, particular care must be taken to ensure that the course is well thought-out and that overhasty actionism and tool fetishism are avoided.

On the following pages you can expect suggestions for a goal-oriented design:

Digital teaching

Text modules on copyright and personality protection in distance learning

The following text modules are given to the teachers as a hint for the participants of the Distance Learning; they can be published for example at a suitable place on the used learning platform or with the teaching materials.


For copyright reasons or for reasons of personal protection it is not permitted to record the courses transmitted online within the framework of Distance Learning without the express permission of the lecturer. In the case of event formats in which contributions by other participants are also put online, the recording is also dependent on their consent.

If media (texts, images, videos etc.) are made available online for teaching purposes, they are generally protected by copyright and may only be used for the intended group of participants, for the purpose and to the extent that the lecturer has made these media available for teaching purposes. Unauthorized distribution/copying/publication of such media generally constitutes a violation of copyright and may be punished by penalties and claims for damages.

Central Office of Coordination

Teachers and students are unexpectedly faced with new challenges when implementing digital teaching in the summer semester 2020. Students who can only participate in digital teaching to a limited extent are asked to contact the central coordination office lehre.digitaluni-rostockde with their concerns.

Please provide the following information for the processing of their requests:

  • First name, last name
  • E-mail address, telephone number if applicable, address if applicable
  • Faculty, study programme, semester
  • Nature of the restriction
  • Mobility

Status: 04.05.2020