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The decree of 22.10.2020 distinguishes whether the return from a risk area is domestic or foreign.

For members of the university, the regulations of the Hanseatic and university city of Rostock apply. Please refer to the leaflet and the information on the website of the Health Office Rostock.  These regulations are valid until 20.12.2020.

Status: 09.12.2020

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Bei Rückkehr aus dem Inland gilt:

Bei Rückkehr aus dem Inland gilt:

There is no longer a basic testing and quarantine obligation for returnees without symptoms indicating Covid-19 disease.

However, if returnees show symptoms, they are obliged to immediately go into quarantine. The most frequently recorded symptoms of a Covid-19 disease are cough, fever, rhinitis, as well as loss of smell and taste (as of 16.10.2020, source RKI). It is therefore important to seek medical advice if symptoms are unclear or if you are uncertain. Further information can be found in the DLP under CORONA Special Information > Basics > Regulations in case of cold symptoms and on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

The obligatory waiting period to be observed before attending a course in attendance is no longer applicable and at the same time the Rectorate continues to recommend that a waiting period be observed.

In case of return from abroad:

In case of return from abroad:

Persons who have stayed in a risk area outside of Germany at any time within 10 days before entering Mecklenburg-Vorpommern are obliged to go into quarantine. In addition, you must report to the responsible public health department using the registration form provided.

Further information can be found on the website of the public health department Rostock and on this notification form.