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Hotline for employees

fon: + 49 381-498 1331
Monday - Thursday 07 to 17 o'clock
Friday 07 to 14 o'clock


It is possible to submit invoices - by in-house mail or by dropping them in the UR's mailbox at Schwaansche Strasse 2.

We urgently request that you refrain from handing them over personally. Electronically submitted receipts and/or payment orders will not be processed.

Please note the following for speedy processing:

  1.     Invoices may only be submitted if the delivery has been made and checked.
  2.     The invoice must be signed correctly in terms of calculation and content.
  3.     A payment request must be completed for the invoice. Please make sure that the details are complete and correct (account assignment and details of the payment partner)

The payment order must be signed. To avoid personal contacts, please sign for the factual accuracy and the order in the middle signature field. For the arithmetical correctness, the employees in SG Belegbearbeitung sign. Please note that you must have the authorization for the factually correct signature and the authority to issue the order.

Status: 30.04.2020


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