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Below please find hints and recommendations which facilitate mobile work from home.

Status: 18.11.2020

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PC service for mobile work

In the current situation, mobile working from home is necessary in certain situations in order to ensure business continuity. In case of problems or if you need help with your PC workstation at home, the PC Service for private PCs and notebooks is available to employees free of charge.

The service includes an advisory discussion, possible error analysis and software-related services such as

  •     Connection of private PCs or laptops to the Internet via network card, modem or WLAN
  •     Troubleshooting for Windows-based operating systems
  •     Installing & updating various device drivers
  •     New installation and update (service packs, patches) of the operating system
  •     Installing and setting up an anti-virus program, virus check and, if necessary, virus removal

There are no fixed opening hours in order to comply with the necessary hygiene measures. Please send an e-mail to pcserviceuni-rostockde . You will then receive a call back or a date suggestion from PC Service.

You can find further information on the ITMZ website at

Status: 18.11.2020

VPN for mobile work

The use of our VPN service is an important tool to securely access resources within the university from home or on the road.

This can be e.g. the home directory or the personal workstation computer, provided that the device has been configured for this purpose and is in operation. In addition, a wide range of electronic resources of the university library is available.

It is important to choose the right profile from the two available public profiles:

  •     In Internet Access, all traffic to the Internet is routed via our VPN service. This is the profile of choice for all things not offered within the university and should be used in case of doubt.
  •     With University-Access the local internet traffic is not redirected, there is no loss of latency or speed. However, only the network traffic to the university is secured.

The profile is suitable for mobile work if only the home directory or the own office computer is to be accessed. In either case, additional software is required, the Cisco AnyConnect Client. Important here is the server name:

Further information such as supported operating systems and the software download can be found at:

Status: 18.11.2020

The central home directory for mobile work

The central home directory may facilitate mobile work. Due to the possibility of integrating the home drive on the terminal server or even on your own local computer, saving the created documents is no problem. This saves local own resources and data loss can be avoided, because the documents stored there can be saved and restored at regular intervals.

  •     The home directory can be accessed from the entire university network. For this purpose, the workstation computer must be at least virtually located in the university network. This can be done by using the RDP protocol, so that work can be done directly on the personal workstation at the university or on a terminal server of the ITMZ.
  •     Another possibility is to connect the home directory to the private local PC via a VPN connection.
  •     For simple data exchange, the FTPS protocol can also be used via the address ftps://

If you have any questions regarding the Homedirectory, please contact the responsible staff member.

Quick start:

Status: 18.11.2020

Certificates for users - Confidential communication for mobile work

The mobile work requires an increased electronic communication effort with employees, superiors, students and partners.

The following security-relevant functions can be implemented with user certificates:

  • Proof of identity: Certificates can be used to prove who has sent an e-mail or signed a digital document. This is an important application, especially in situations where the communicators cannot see each other at short notice, in order to securely legitimize instructions for action (e.g. bank transfers, orders, employment contracts, exam dates, etc.).
  •  Encrypted communication: If communication takes place only digitally in the long term, it is highly probable that confidential information (e.g. personal data, research data, passwords, configurations...) will also be sent. With the help of user certificates such information can be encrypted and thus effectively protected.

All members of the University of Rostock can apply for their own user certificate. At you will find all information from the application to the use of your own user certificate.

Status: 18.11.2020